Directorate General


Local Government Department is mandated with administration and management of the local government institutions in the province.  Different entities including the Directorate General along with 25 offices of Assistant Directors, LG&RDD are working under the Administrative control of Secretary, LG&RDD. The DG office is responsible to look after the following functions:-

  1. As per LG Act 2013, DG is the principal accounting officer who shall provide Secretarial Support and render assistance to the Local Government Commission;
  2.  Supervision/ Guidance of the over all activities of the offices of Assistant Directors LG&RDD in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa;
  3. To Monitor and Evaluate the Developmental Schemes executed by the AD, LG&RDD Offices;
  4. Implementation of laws and regulations relating to Local Governance in the province under the directions of the Administrative Department;
  5. Implementation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Property (Removal of Encroachment) Act, 1977;
  6. Implementation of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1962, Conciliatory Court Ordinance, 1962, and settlement of disputes through Alternate Disputes Resolution (ADR);
  7. Secretarial assistance to Provincial Delimitation Authority on need basis;
  8. Monitoring and supervision of foreign funded development programs implemented through local councils/ Assistant Director, LG&RDD;
  9. Supervision of Rural Roads other than those maintained by the works & Services Department or Highways Authorities;
  10. Inspections, supervision and monitoring of Local Councils;
  11. Service matters of employees of LG&RDD except those entrusted to  Establishment & Administration Departments;
  12. Coordination of Nation Building Departments through District Coordination Committees as well as District Development Advisory Committees (DDAC) in the respective Districts;
  13. Coordination between the field offices and the Administrative Departments;
  14. Competent Authority for Posting/ Transfer of the employees of LG&RDD from BPS-1 to BPS – 17;
  15. Competent Authority for the appointment of employees of LG&RDD from BPS 1- 15;
  16. Monitoring Evaluation and supervision of all Umbrella and individual developmental scheme/ Programmes reflected in the Provincial ADP, such as District Development Initiatives and Special Packages for Development Initiatives;
  17. Monitoring of in-complete / ongoing Schemes under PWP-I and Tameer-e-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Programme;
  18. Monitoring and supervision of function of village councils including Birth, Death and Marriages registration;
  19. Deal with Audit Para/ Draft Para in respect of Directorate General of LG&RDD; and
  20. Specific functions assigned by the Government.

Progress and Achievements during 2013-14:

Major Development schemes/ projects/ Initiatives monitored by AD offices in the Province are as follows:-

(Rs. In Million)

S.No. Name of Scheme  Total Cost Expenditure
1 Special Package for Development Initiative in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ADP No. 771  3000.000 1859.32
2 District Development Initiative ADP No. 775 1860.000 1122.862
3 Construction of DG, LG&RDD office ADP No. 796 150.00 6.400
4 Reforms Initiative In Local Government 200.000


The Directorate General and field offices of Directorate of Local Government, Elections and Rural Development were abolished as part of the devolution process of 2000-01. Though a skeleton Directorate General, Development and Monitoring was established in 2002, only at the provincial secretariat level however, the need for revival of the erstwhile Directorate General still remained a dire need for the local government system to be supervised and regulated. To this need, the Directorate General, Local Government, Elections and Rural Development was notified to be implemented with effect from 1st January, 2013.


Director General BPS 19 1
Director BPS 18 1
Deputy Director BPS 17 2
Account Officer 17 1
Assistant Director 17 25
Progress Officer 16 25
Personal Assistant to Director General 15 1
Assistant 14 30
Supervisor 9 25
Key Punch Operator 12 30
Driver 4 30
Naib Qasid 2 30
Watchman 2 30