Local Government Elections 2015

Returned candidates-KP Local Government Elections 2015
Returned candidates-KP Local Government Elections 2015 (Reserved Seats)
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Elections Schedule 2015
Summary of contesting candidates for LG Election 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Summary of polling station for LG Elections 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Councils & Wards in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Annex-A)
Tehsil Councils and Wards  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Annex-B)
District, Tehsil and Village/Neighborhood Councils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Annex-C)
Details of Village/Neighbourhood Councils  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Annex-D)
Code of Conduct for Political parties and contesting candidates
Code of Conduct for Elections observers, media, polling agents, polling staff and polling personnel
Elections Glossary
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (General Seats)
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (General Seats) 2nd Notification
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (General Seats) 2nd Amendment
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (General Seats) 3rd Amendment
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (Reserved Seats)
DRO, RO and ARO Notification of ECP (Reserved Seats) 2nd Notification
Schedule of Ward No. 1 of Peshawar Cantonment, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Voters Display Centers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Appellate Authorities for LG Elections 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Registration Officers for LG Elections 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Councils Conduct of Elections Rules 2013
The Local Government Elections forms
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Councils Conduct of Elections Rules 2013 (1st Amendment)
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Councils Conduct of Elections Rules 2013 (2nd Amendment)
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013 (Amendments)
The Punjab Local Government Act 2013
The Sindh Local Government Act 2013
The Balochistan Local Government Act 2010
The Punjab Local Government Rules

78 thoughts on “Local Government Elections 2015

    1. Syed Mumtaz Hussain

      Shift from Elite Democracy to Real Democracy if implemented in its true spirit. Basic Democracy Means, Handing over of Government governance responsibilities of a village to a Village council. i.e government infrastructure in village like Schools, Dispensary, DWSS etc should be governed by VC. May Allah urge our ESTABLISHMENT to encourage empowerment

  1. Hayatkhan

    I’m working in dubai. When I came back to home lower dir timergara. I so changes in Peshawar. I happy that’s someone done job .He worked for the country. Salam to all …..

  2. Inam Gandapur

    A collection of official documents which are very helpful. The department under ministry of Inaytullah Khan is doing good job. But still there are many mile stones to be achieved. So carry on your efforts.

  3. Muhammad kamran khan Tanoli.

    It is a Great step to the Development Process of the Great Nation Pakistan.
    This web page has very useful information to the Students of Political Science like me(Muhammad Kamran khan)Mansehra.
    It is very informative for those who are not directly involved in Election Process like peoples who may not concern to contest in Election, but wants to have knowledge about Election And Eager to know about Great Pakistan,s Local Govt Process.
    lastly, Its a Great contribution from those peoples Who they developed this web page.
    I have Gained a lots of necessary information.

  4. Noman

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I want to appreciate your efforts regarding this website. this is incredible for all the people including voters and candidates. very well done!


  5. Muhammad Nazir Satti

    Its a very good LG system. I appreciate this. I think that if this may implement in its true letter and spirit this will solve the problems of common citizen. Good job by KPK govt.

  6. Dr Malim M.Salim Khan

    I belong to Maidan Dir Lower working in sultanate of Oman on 56 / 28 days rotation.
    I appreciate the KPK govt on the progress. Most of the departments are working well . each time i visit i see the changes but very sorry to say the peshawar airport is still the same .
    I understand the Airports are under the fedral govt , FIA is fedral agency but the beggers , loaders/ bag handlers , local police , taxi drivers , money changers , cleaners belongs to our province their performence must be improved .
    At least there should be a working ATM , a Mosque where you can take your bags with you , and a WIFI , Electric socket where we can charge our mobiles and laptops.

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Please visit the Election Commission of Pakistan website (www.ecp.gov.pk)

  7. Mohib

    Sir please clarify me that The reserved members of District and Tehsil/Town Council Can be elected As District and Tehsil/Town nazim and naib Nazim o.. I am waiting for response…
    Mohib Ullah

  8. Sajjad Amin Bangash

    I’m a journalist and author, run my magazine in Galway, Ireland, Dubai, UAE and Glasgow, Scotland. Bein an active and keen observer in the happenings in Pakistan especially in KPK since I belong to KPK. It’s a significant achievement for PTI government to conduct local body election but sadly, a bit delayed though. However, it’s in extreme benefit to the people to have devolution of power to gross roots level and the benefits should reach out to the people. But what worries me the most is that, poor people still don’t get the ultimate results in the form of infrastructure development, education, health care and improvements livelihood of the people.
    Secondly, I’m still confused at the contestants winning as to how a prospective candidate out of so many candidates will win and selection process seems little complicated.
    Kindly, update.
    Sajjad Amin Bangash, Dublin, Ireland

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Please visit the DRO/ARO/RO office for the lists and appeals date.

  9. Nadeem Khan

    Its great effort to get update about local bodies election. I need all the symbols list if you can share on website or email me.
    will be extremely thankful

  10. Arshad Alam Khan

    Its really been a great effort to sharing of powers to its lowest level, the common man.
    Sir.. Can you guide us about responsibilities, funds, privileges & accountability of elected members at District, Tehsil Village or Neighbourhood council ??

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Visit the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013 available at this site for all your queries.

  11. Amir ullah khan

    I request from the senior minister of local government to give direction to the competent authority to uploaded the transfer of the official/ officers in the local areas and also the seniority list of all pugf staff the kpk in the lgkp website in all categories is administration, accounts and engineering etc because it is very necessory for the better of employemee. Thanks.

  12. Anwar Zeb

    I from village Badaber. I appreciate the installation of Hand Pumps in the area. It was the basic problem of the village therefore, 22 hours load shedding is continue. I appeal to all leaders of PTI and JI to maintain unity in BD and General Election.

  13. Faiz Ur Rehman Mashal

    It is really excellent system of Govt. for better of masses and development of grassroots level infrastructure, but I disappointed with the PTI Govt. decision against totally political election not partially.

    I appreciate ECP for arrangement of most complicated election in KPK 2015.

  14. Dr. Raza Rahman Khan

    The website is highly informative. Good work by the organizers and the Local Government Department. Such information would go a long way in establishing a true democratic culture in the province.

  15. Ayub

    Dear Sir,
    The counting of votes will take place in the same place and same date or it will be taken to one main office, The result will be announced as soon as the counting of a specific union council is completed just like general election when the people are sitting in front of TV screen and watch the results. Or it will be kept confidential and will only be announced on 07 June 2015.

  16. Arif Muhammad

    I really appreciate the sincere efforts of current KP government in devolving powers to the local level, which will be a huge step in consolidating democracy in the country and restore trust and confidence of a common man in the democratic system. I really wish and pray for success of the LG system.

    1. Bashir Muhammad

      Voter lists are available with Election Commission of Pakistan. Please visit your local office of election commission.

  17. Qaiser

    Why Kohistan District was excluded.

    Moreover, I couldn’t find the administrative structure of each district e.g. with Tehsils and UCs anywhere. Please upload District with Tehsil and Union Council.


    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Dear Awais, Voter lists can be obtained from your local Election Commission office.

  18. Imtiaz Ahmad

    jo candidate election ma har je aus k lye koi saza ha. Baz log kahty ha k 70 say kam vote lany wala 50000 hazar jurmna da ga. Aur 3mah qaid hoga. Ye teek ha. Reply me please.

  19. Bilal Ahmed

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    LG setup is much appreciated. I would request to upload list pf election symbols for the sake of public awareness. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Dear Bilal sb,
      The election symbols are allotted and maintained by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

  20. Aslam Nadeem

    Now it looks that a new Sun is ready to rise to make the people of Pakistan especially of KPK, sensitized and aware of the rules and regulation and of course of their rights. Its a big change that now a common man have access to his/her legal rights.Shift from Elite Democracy to Real Democracy, Salute to PTI,s Manifesto..

  21. Aslam Nadeem Naz

    Now it looks that a new Sun is ready to rise to make the people of Pakistan especially of KPK, sensitized and aware of the rules and regulation and of course of their rights. Its a big change that now a common man have access to his/her legal rights.Shift from Elite Democracy to Real Democracy, Salute to PTI,s Manifesto.

  22. Ayaz Ahmad

    Dear Sir,
    Please facilitate the disabled voters to cast their votes. Please publicize any steps that are taken in this regard.


    i am living in Canada since 2008, I came to Peshawar 3 weeks ago, I saw a lot better changes in KPK, I think local Government is playing a great role in development of KPK. Keep it up, & Allah keep KPK & Pakistan a safer place for every one.
    Ameen , Thank You
    Muhammad idrees Khan
    Canada (Proud Pakistani)

  24. Ajmal Khan

    with regards to the Website its really great think that KPK Government has done so far. Great job!

    However I would like to share few suggestions regarding election and voters lists for attention;

    1) The candidate eligibility criteria need to be changed. education factor must be added as essential part of the eligibility criteria. leader must be well educated.
    2) Criminal and convicted person should be considered as non eligible person .
    3) the voters list must be uploaded on the website for availability of the public.
    4) the current voters lists on the basis of which these local elections were carried out have lots of mistakes. like voters are listed in one village council or UC but they are residing in a different VC or UC. this rectification must be made . I just checked few of the voters on 8300 from Shakartangi/Paitay kalay VC (UC Katlang-II) most of the ladies voters and even Male voters are found listed either in Katahut, Katlang-I or in Jamalgarhi UCs .
    people must be guided to confirm their votes before announcing schedule of new election so that the voters list are timely finalized and available .


  25. Asif

    The dispensation of governance at local level in real sense is required,,, yes and the elections did it,, but how a district / tehsil Nazim along with their chairmen and members of village councils will deliver is a challenge ahead,, and a big question mark! I know many of the above lot who are hardly matriculate or FA. If they could not exercise their due authority in letter and spirit all efforts of the LG elections and system are to no avail.

    It is therefore advisable that rigorous training programs be organized for the elected members on governance, development, education, health, social, gender, environmental and allied issues to make them abreast of their due role they have to play before they are given that responsibility.

    Secondly, an appropriate and effective system of check and balance within this system is required to be put in place thus to disallow corrupt practices by any one of them,,, and if one is found guilty he be disqualified immediately. God Bless Pakistan and its poor populace,,, Aamin

  26. Tariq Mughal

    Local Government election was conducted on 30th May & schedule to announce the returning candidates by returning officers and to made display the same on 7th June. After lapse of considerably time and delay the said notification is been public till the time. It shows incompetence on part of provincial government and election commission. Again it is deliberately concealing the information from general public, and volition to basic right of citizens having access to informations. You (KP govt) had earned very bad name, such a delay had not been witnessed in the history which is being done in this time. Please make courage and announce the results without further delay.

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      Please Annex-D regarding village and neighborhood councils. There you will find the exact number of members.

  27. Fazal hadi

    I don’t have words to apriciate the web publishers and government of kp. I was untrusted to sea the local government act 2015 but I m not satisfied. I want to put here my questions that I have listened that a district nazim is capable to transfer a DC and other district officers. Is it true if yes than it will b a blunder mistake because nazim will use the administration for his own well. For this there must b a monitoring for monitoring on the local government .thanks

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      The Rules of Business for new Local Governments are under processing. Once they are final, each tier will be shown thier roles and responsibilities.

  28. Amjad Javed

    Today is 23rd of June, after 23 days no body even the contesting candidates know the result, candidates were not allowed to watch the counting processes, no Form 14 provided. Do you people call this rubbish exercise an election. It was not election actually it was a joke. A PTI branded joke

  29. Faiz Ur Rehman Mashal

    The ROs and DROs refused the results copy to FAFEN observers in few areas that is showing that something is going wrong. The DRs have to learned lessons from irregularities of the GE 2013 which is resolving by the high judicial commission.

    I suggest to the ECP and the KPK Govt to allow all ROs and DROs to provide the results and other relevant forms copy to FAFEN observers and local media for free and fair election.

    1. Assistant Director LGE&RDD Post author

      visit the KP Local Bodies elections section of this website or ecp website for details of returned candidates.

  30. Bilquis Tahira from Shirakat

    What a relief. Congratulations to KP Government for having this type of site. I needed information on KP LB elections and it is all here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We are so deprived of information that this is a huge relief. Much appreciated

  31. Aashiyana Yaar

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I really appreciate your efforts to make it easy for the eager personals to get access and information in very simple n easy way in short time.

    1. Local Government Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Post author

      Plz consult the Election Commission of Pakistan for official one. Provisional copy may be found on our website.

  32. Sabeen Fiaz

    I haven’t found any details related to women candidates participated in local body elections…how many women have participated in election independently or by the party support? can you please provide me the list of women candidates of Rwp Isb and Wah cantt?

    1. Local Government Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Post author

      This website is developed by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Such queries may be asked from Election Commission of Pakistan or Punjab Government

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