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Local Council Board

Local Council Board is an autonomous body created under the statute. It was created under Section 46 of the NWFP, Local Government Ordinance 1979 and has been given protection under the Local Government Ordinance 2001, Local Government Act 2012 and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013. The core function of the Local Council Board is to cater for services including appointments, promotions, postings, transfers, pensions, etc. of the personnel paid out of the Local Fund. It is the successor of the defunct NWFP Local Government Board created under the Basic Democracies Orders 1959 and Municipal Administration Ordinance 1960.



Constitution of Local Council Board

1. Secretary Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department Chairman
2. Additional Secretary Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department Member
3. Additional Secretary Regulation Establishment and Administration Department Member
4. Additional Secretary Regulation Finance Department Member
5. Secretary Local Council Board Member/Secretary


The main function of the Local Council Board entails the administration of all service matters of the Provincial Unified Group of Functionaries (or Local Council Service) employees including their recruitments, appointments, promotions, transfers, leaves, etc. The Board is also responsible to regulate and provide necessary guidance on taxation and lease proposals. Arrangement of trainings, seminars, conferences, etc. to facilitate employees’ working also falls within the mandate of the Board. With the passage of time, supplementary functions have also been assigned to the Board and as a result it functions virtually as an extension arm of the Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department.


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Councils Provincial Unified Group of Functionaries (LCs-PUGF), service structure  comprises of the following:

  1. Administration Cadre BPS-19, BPS-18, BPS-17, BPS-16 & BPS-11
  2. Engineering CadreBPS-18, BPS-17, BPS-16 & BPS-11
  3. Accounts CadreBPS-18, BPS-17, BPS-16 & BPS-11