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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government set aside Rs118 billion for the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for fiscal year 2013-14, showing 17 per cent increase against the outgoing fiscal year.

According to budget documents, Rs118 billion ABP will include provincial share of Rs83,000 million, total foreign assistance Rs35000 million, Rs30,698.280 million and loans 4,304.720 million.

The ADP comprises 983 projects, with 609 ongoing and 374 new, while 12 per cent increase in local component of ADP, 51 per cent increase in foreign assistance of which about 88 per cent is grant.

Moreover, allocation of Rs162 million for welfare budget that was seven per cent more than the outgoing fiscal year. Rs633 million proposed for administrative budget for upcoming fiscal year, registering  an increase of 14 per cent of the current fiscal year.

Formulated on the basis of priorities of the development departments solicited under the Comprehensive Development Strategy and Economic Growth Strategy, the ADP envisages substantial allocations for all the development sectors. The most allocations have estimated for ongoing development schemes, which aimed to immediately complete various projects in the province. The economic growth rate would be enhanced at seven per cent rate within three years to create the required number of jobs and to keep unemployment at within acceptable level.

A sum of Rs1,532.204 million has been set a side for agriculture in ADP to complete total of 51 schemes, including 35 ongoing and 16 news schemes. Rs106.000 has earmarked for Auqaf, for more than 14 schemes, including two ongoing and 14 new projects.

For building, Rs1215.655million has been allocated for 36 development schemes, including 32 ongoing and four new projects, while for district ADP Rs1672.330 has been earmarked for a single new scheme. The Drinking Water and Sanitation Department will get Rs3261.756million for ten ongoing and tens new schemes.

A sum of Rs8107.140 million has been allocated for E&SE Department to complete 41 ongoing and 59 new development schemes. For energy and Power sector, Rs1,417.881 million has been earmarked for 16 ongoing and 28 new schemes. The Department of Environment will get share in ADP Rs 56.999million for nine ongoing and two new schemes while Rs3886.293million has been estimated for 10 ongoing and 10 new schemes in the Department of Finance.

Apart from, Rs500.233 million has been allocated for the Food Department’s six ongoing and two new schemes, while a sum of Rs569.459million has been set a side for 32 ongoing and 14 new schemes in Forestry.

The Department of Health will get big chunk of Rs7,998.077 million in share in ADP for 62 ongoing schemes and 36 new development schemes. Rs5722.546million has been earmarked for Higher Education’s 20 ongoing and 18 new schemes. The Home Department will get Rs3,702.967million, Rs949.001million eight ongoing and one new schemes of the Department of Housing, while Rs3237.586 million for Industry Department’s 41 ongoing and 30 new development schemes.

A sum of Rs210.538million has been provided for four ongoing and four new schemes in the Department of Information, while Rs22.500 million has been allocated for three new schemes in Department of Labour. Rs586.499million has been estimated for seven ongoing and eight new schemes in Mines and Mineral, while Rs14759.621 million has been allocated for Regional Development for 16 ongoing and 23 new schemes.

Likewise, Rs224.801 has been set a side for four ongoing and two new development schemes for Population Welfare, Rs1447.435million for Relief and Rehabilitation, A sum of Rs10,258.329 million has been set aside for 74 ongoing and 33 new schemes of roads development, while Rs492.805million has been earmarked for 21 ongoing and 10 new development schemes in the Department of Social Welfare. Rs871.000 has been allocated for 23 ongoing and 16 new schemes in Sports and Tourism while ST and IT would get Rs571.150million for 21 ongoing and six new development schemes.

Likewise, Rs4692.092million has been allocated for nine ongoing and 11 new schemes of Urban Development department, while Rs3138.293 million would go to the Welfare Department for 52 ongoing and 38 new development schemes.

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