Role of Local Government Department

1. Overall coordination with Election Commission of Pakistan for provision of officials for Election duty, security, and logistic support

2. Provision of Local Govt, Election Rules,

3. Provision of City /Tehsil wise village and Neighborhood councils of all departments in the province.

4. Provision of City/ Tehsil wise members of local councils.

5. Provision of Delimitation Rules, and assistance in the delimitation process

Coordination Unit

During the proceedings of a Constitutional Petition in the year 2015, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct the delimitation of local councils. In pursuance of the said orders, the Federal Government promulgated Elections Act-2017 which empowers the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct the delimitation of local councils. Subsequently, the Commission also directed the Provincial Governments for aligning of local government framework with the legal requirements of the Elections Act, 2017.

Consequential to the above developments, the Provincial Government made amendments in the Local Government Act, 2013 through Amendments Act, 2019 which provide for the re-constitutional of Delimitation Authority as Coordination Unit with the following mandate (Section 10 of Act).

The Coordination Unit shall be responsible to-

  1. coordinate with the Election Commission of Pakistan in matters of Delimitation of village and neighbourhood councils and provision of timely assistance and facilitation;
  2. coordinate with the Population Census Organization in matters of Population Census;
  3. coordinate with local governments on socio economic surveys commissioned by the Government and compilation of their reports;
  4. conduct surveys on certification function of village and neighbourhood councils; and 
  5. conduct surveys on the development investment of local governments in the province and impact assessment for informing policy formulation.

Composition of the Coordination Unit:

  1. Secretary to Government, LGE&RDD                                     Chairman
  2. Director General, LGE&RDD;                                                  Member
  3. Director, Bureau of Statistics, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa               Member
  4. The Coordinator.                                                                      Member/ Cum-Secretary

The Coordination Unit is based in the Secretariat of Local Government, Election, and Rural Development Department.


Maps of Delimitation

The Election Commission of Pakistan has completed the delimitation process in 28 districts out of 35 districts but Gazattee Notification has not yet been issued. The details of delimitation will be uploaded as soon as gazette Notifications are received from the Election Commission of Pakistan.