Every village council and neighbourhood council shall comprise of seven following members:

a)  Three members, elected to general seats

b)  One member elected to seats reserved for women

c)  One member elected to seat reserved for peasants and workers

d)  One member elected to seat reserved for youth

e)  One member elected to seat reserved for non-Muslims

Candidate securing highest number of votes in the election to the general seats of the village council or the neighbourhood council shall respectively be elected as the Chairman of the village council or the neighbourhood council. The key functions of village council and neighbourhood council involve:



(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa VC/NC ROB’s 2022 Part I (8))

The Secretary shall.–

  1. Assist the Chairman in coordinating the activities of the Council; 
  2. Assist the Chairman and Council to supervise and oversee the implementation of development schemes;
  3. Prepare periodical reports including reports on implementation of development schemes for presentation in the Council after approval of the Chairman; 
  4. Provide information required by the Council for the performance of its functions; 
  5. Provide information and data required to the tehsil local government, district administration and Local Government Commission through Assistant Director Local Government of the concerned tehsil after approval of the Chairman;
  6. Act as the focal person for the Council; 
  7. Ensure that the business of the Council is carried out in accordance with the Act, rules, and byelaws made there under; 
  8. Assist the Chairman in preparation of reports on the performance of offices within the limits of the Council; 
  9. Assist the Chairman in formulation of policy for the Council and bring the important cases in his notice; submit all proposals for taxation, along with the supporting rules and bye-laws to the Council through the Chairman; subject to the condition that the taxation proposals shall be processed as per standard procedure provided in the Local Government Taxation Rules; 
  10. Assist the Chairman in the proper conduct of the business of the Council; 
  11. Ensure proper record keeping of all the business of the Council; 
  12. Assist the Chairman in making arrangements for the amicable settlement of disputes as provided in Section 28 (c) of the Act. 
  13. Ensure registration and certification of vital events. i.e. Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce as prescribed under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorce or Dissolution of Marriages (Registration and Certification) Rules 2021.
  14. Ensure formulation of profile of the respective village council or neighbourhood council in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, to annually update the same and display with the approval of the respective council




1.            Functions of village and neighbourhood councils

i)         Implement and monitor village level development works.

ii)        Carry out village level sanitation and conservancy functions in village councils only.

iii)       Identify development needs of the area for use by Tehsil Local Government in prioritizing development plans for the tehsil.

iv)       Register births, deaths, marriages and divorces.

v)         Consider and approve annual budget, including scheme-wise annual development programme and provision for other functions performed by the local council.

vi)       Organize and sponsor village and neighbourhood level sports and cultural events.

vii)      Organize village level cattle fair and shows in its area.

viii)     Elect an Accounts Committee and review its recommendations on the annual statement of accounts and audit reports.

ix)       Monitor the performance of service providers including education, health, agriculture, water and sanitation and revenue through a Monitoring Committee constituted by it. The Monitoring Committee shall send its report to the respective Chairman, Tehsil Local Government for consideration and action through the respective Assistant Director, Local Government and Rural Development.

x)         Organize watch and ward in the area including protection from stray animals and animal trespass.

xi)       Collect, prepare, maintain and update basic data on social indicators.

xii)      Facilitate Tehsil Local Government in performance of its functions

xiii)     Perform any other task assigned by Government or Tehsil Local Government.

2.         The respective village council or neighbourhood council shall assist Tehsil Local Government in conducting surveys, collecting socio-economic data and selecting sites for municipal and social facilities and services.

3.         Assistant Director, Local Government and Rural Development shall be responsible for coordinating matters relating to secretarial functions of village and neighbourhood councils in the Tehsil.”






Power & Functions of Chairman VC/NC

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa VC/NC ROB’s 2022 Part I (6)


  1. The chairman shall exercise and perform the following power and functions:
  1. Provide leadership for council-wide development and preparation of budget:
  2. Present annual budget for approval of the council:
  3. Organise management of municipal infrastructure within the area of respective council:
  4. Chair panels of members constituted for the settlement of disputes:
  5. Report to district administration and tehsil local government in respect of-
  1. encroachment on state and local government property:
  2. violation of land use plans, building codes, rules and bye-laws:
  3. sale and trade of dangerous and offensive articles:
  4. adulteration of articles of food: and
  5. breach of public water courses within the area of the concerned council:
  1. prepare and send quarterly reports on the performance of the offices located in the area:
  2. call for any case or information from the secretary or , as the case may be, functionary of the respective council: and
  3. Oversee the grant of licences to marriage registrar, as prescribed under clause(a) of the rule4 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Birth, death, marriage and divorce or dissolution of marriages(registration and certification) Rules2021.

2)         The chairman shall be approving authority of the operational expenditure within the prescribed sphere of responsibilities and the tehsil supervisor of local government concern shall be the co-signatory of the cheque along with Secretary. However in case of developmental expenditure sanction shall be obtained from the principal accounting office concerned before incurring the expenditure.

3)         The chairman shall be personally responsible for loss causing from decisions made by him or under his directions in violation of any provision of the Act or any other law for the time being in force and for any expenditure incurred without lawful authority.