We are working to transform the local governance landscape of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by building the capacities of local governments to deliver, making substantial resources available for service delivery institutions, creating new infrastructure for urban development, and ensuring equal distribution of funds for rural investments. The extension of local government infrastructure and services to the Merged Areas is also one of our key local government priorities.

“Clean & Green” Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is very close to my heart and we are already doing whatever it takes to achieve the Prime Minister’s vision. From scaling up sanitation facilities in major cities and proper disposal of solid waste to constructing environment-friendly infrastructure and providing green spaces for our citizens, we have put in place a number of initiatives for the conservation and safeguarding of the environment.

This website is one of these endeavours as a one-stop resource for sharing regular updates about our policies, plans and projects with you. Therefore, you are encouraged to browse through this website and benefit from the information made available through it. We are collectively learning and improving by working together. We also seek your constructive feedback on how we can reach out and serve you better.