1. DG is the Principal Accounting Officer who shall provide Secretarial Support and render assistance to the Local Government Commission.
  2. Supervision/ Guidance of the overall activities of the offices of Assistant Directors LG&RDD in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  3. Monitor and Evaluate the Developmental Schemes executed by the AD, LG&RDD Offices.
  4. Implementation of laws and regulations relating to VC/NC and Assistant Director Local Government in the province under the directions of the Administrative Department.
  5. Implementation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Property (Removal of Encroachment) Act, 1977 related to VC/NC’s.
  6. Implementation of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1962, Conciliatory Court Ordinance, 1962.
  7. Settlement of disputes through Alternate Disputes Resolution (ADR)
  8. Secretarial support to LGC.
  9. Monitoring and supervision of foreign funded development programs being implemented through VC/NC’s/ Assistant Director, LG&RDD
  10. Inspections, supervision and monitoring of VC/NC’s.
  11. Service matters of employees of LG&RDD except those entrusted to  Establishment & Administration Departments
  12. Coordination of Nation Building Departments through District Development Advisory Committees (DDAC) in the respective Districts
  13. Coordination between the field offices and the Administrative Departments
  14. Competent Authority for Posting/ Transfer of the employees of LG&RDD from BPS-1 to BPS – 16 and BPS-17& above with the approval of Secretary LG.
  15. Competent Authority for the appointment of employees of LG&RDD from BPS 1- 16.
  16. Monitoring Evaluation and supervision of all Umbrella and individual developmental scheme/ Programmes reflected in the Provincial ADP, such as District Development Initiatives and Special Packages for Development Initiatives Executed by Assistant Director LGRDD.
  17. Monitoring and supervision of function of village councils including Birth, Death, Marriages and Divorces registration
  18. Deal with Audit Para/ Draft Para in respect of Directorate General of LG&RDD
  19. Local Council Resource Centres. (LCRC)
  20. Village council’s sanitations and cleanliness plans.
  21. Any other business/function assigned by the Government.