As per the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Amendment Act 2019, it is the responsibility of the Village Council or Neighbourhood Council to impose relevant fines on offenders. Details of fines are given below.



Amount of Fine

1. Neglect   in   safe   storage   of   eatable,   drinkable  and   other consumable items sold or supplied  to the public.  

Rs. 5,000


a.   Fixing   of   wooden    khokhas,    and   temporary  shops   or extension thereof  on footpaths or beyond  the street line.

b.   Plying   of   handcarts        for   the   sale   of   goods   without permissiOn.


Rs. 15,000


Rs. 2,000

3. Failure  by the owner  or  occupier  of  any  land  to clear  away and remove any vegetation declared  by a local government to be injurious  to health or offensive to neighbourhoods.  


Rs. 1500

4. Slaughtering of animals  for the sale of  meat  at a place  other than the place set apart for the purpose.  

Rs. 12,000

5. Without the permission of the local government causing  or knowingly or  negligently allowing  the contents of  any  sink, sewer  or  cesspool   or  any  other  offensive matter  to  flow,  or drain  or  to  be  put  upon  any  street,  or  public  place,  or  into irrigation  channel  or any sewer  or drain  not set  apart  for the purpose. a. Rs. 6,000  in case of commercial concerns.




b. Rs. 4000 for others